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dreaming big


I am 18 years old with a crazy head.
I feel I dont want the same life people live these days.
I believe the world is too manufactured and I belive people now live to work, rather work to live.
I write a lot and spent all of my time, possibly too much of my time dreaming and visualising things that dont seem possible to others “realistic” if you want to call it.
I hope some day I can do something with my writing or my caring nature like travel to places to help people who need another chance at life.  my dreams are 100% possible.
Just how to get there but life has done me well gifting me with the brain I have and the nature of my life so I am sure one day I will get somewhere. I dont mind where just as long as I am happy, doing something I enjoy.

depression · help · issues · poetry

Write about the most precious thing I lost.


The most precious thing I lost? Thats easy. When I was a little girl I adored nature I loved everything about it I was always running aeound in my bear feet, siting beside the river beside my house they called “The Fairy Glenn” as a kid I thought this was river was amazing and the name Fairy Glenn was so magical, anyway as I grew up I began to lose my free spirit just like I was loosing my mind. My creativity grew small and my thoughts wernt so magical as they once were. I lost my spirit, it is the most precious thing anyone can have, with out a spirit we are just humans. Luckily I found it again just as I started to write. My spirit is amazing I love to feel free and creative I enjoy beliving the impossible and thinking out side the box. It makes me who I am. When I lost my spirit I lost my mind. When I lost my mind I lost my life. I was a body. But I have it back now 🙂 and life is as beautiful as ever!