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Can you guess my illness?


OK so this is me, any first thoughts?
Well I might do my makeup and take “pride” in my appearance but I fight a battle everyday in my head. I’m fighting an illness everyday, a mental illness.  A disease like any other, it makes me tired,  I get chronic pain, I get little sleep and I have very little motivation I’m not lazy I have a illness that argues with my physical self, yes I can go jogging it’s quite simple to some, I have two legs don’t I ? But the fight I have with myself to just even put on my shoes is exhausting , it is darning,  mentally and physically. . .

The only thing to help is to do the things I find so tiring . Mental illness is not just being sad and having self pitty and crying about the world and it is definitely not me being lazy. It’s a fight I take on from the moment I wake until I go to sleep, and it is hard !
Like when your upset about something or just low and wish some one cared enough to help out but they don’t. because they can’t see any physical exhaustion. They can’t see what’s going on…

We all see with our eyes. People can’t look into our feelings, but sometimes we need that. Sometimes we need someone to notice that we are drained of energy and think

“They havent done alot physically to be this drained, MABEY they are in a battle in their head, mabey their mind is doing over time, racing round and round, mabey they need help.”

I am sick, and tired, I am trying to fight something. I need help, not criticism.
I just like any other person who is ill deserve to be recognised.
Do you know what helps me? What my medication is? A smile, A hello, A conversation, Being heard., being understood.
Sounds small and simple doesn’t it?, so why is it that my medication is the hardest to come by…. take time to talk to people,
Try and smile at people,
Take time to listen, and try to understand.
Say hello to someone today.
Make sure they have gotten there medication today.
Just help someone be happy today


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