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Alcoholic Mother

in a home of a perfected mother, she does the chorus one after another, a mother and father with children of four.
she seems the perfect house wife but what happens behind the closed door?
she has many problems so puts to her mouth a bottle bottle after bottle the drink races like a jamed throttle,  and crashes as her mood becomes angry and agressive. one by one child by child she shouts at and screems.
dashes there hope and hunts there dreams.
she shouts all night as the drink speeds to her head, shouts to the father “I wish you were dead”.
as he reacts badly and throws her on the bed.
she shouts all night as the kids listen in fright, afraid there perents may once again fight.
the drink crashes and hits her hard, when she wakes up the next day with a broken heart, her husband has left packed up and moved out.
but there were somthings he forgot, some kids he left without.
how do they feel in the home alone, with a mother who was drunk and living in the house that was once home.
they watched their mother slip slowely away, more and more by the hour, more and more by the day. the kids they grew into a depressed state with the oldest 15 and the youngest at 8. becoming adults at such a young age they done their chours, ran to school fearing being late. the teachers knew these kids weren’t right, the nurse tryed to  talk “dont worry child I dont bite, just tell me you’re problems, why do you always fight?” a small child just worried about his mother, he tried to explain “I just want her to recover and be happy again”. she faild her husband she faild her four, but worst of all she faild her self more. the kids they were moved and grew up just fine, the mother still resents “their no children of mine”.
“I hope one day she gets better, I hope she will be fine” says the youngest son now 29. “she is and always will be right here in my mind”


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