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The world supports you!

The stars they care, for us they light the air.
The moon it guides,  although it is dark it lights up  natures beautiful sights.
The sea it reflects the nature of the sky, although in water the fish they fly.
the ground we walk is here for us, to make our own paths in life as we must.
The gravle supports our changing of paths.
lets reflect the world, unite people.
walk hand in hand, with many of laughs.

Why I wrote about this, at times when I felt noone understod me and with out having the connection of god because I don’t personaly belive, although wanted to, I felt I had no one I could truly tell. Then I became so conected with the world and nature, I put my trust in the world and loved the things around me I became trusting that I was here walking on the earth for a reason, I belived that the world felt me and I felt comferted by that thought, I started reading about spirituility and became a fan of native amaricans and there prayers, because they prays to no paticular source.. putting trust in a higher spirit realy helped and it dosnt matter what type of belief it is.



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