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Ever question your self?


do you ever wonder why your wondering about what ever it is your wondering about?
I mean your thinking about somthing then all of a sudden your thinking why you are thinking about that somthing.
do you ever wonder what is reality?
Are my thoughts the discription of insanity?
over analizing,
why I spend life dreaming and fantasising.
even I find me patranising.
a thought like mine seems quite peculiar.
most my thoughts amuse me but have a lack in humor.
is crazy genius?
or is that a roumer.
there I go thinking a thought then thinking I shouldn’t,  then think why not.
who, what, when, where and why?
I was always asking questions even as a child.
goodnight readers I ned some sleep, now my thoughts are thinking why sleep? sleep is for the weak.
I cant turn off
well goodnight im off.


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