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The Soulless No-Body


I see this little shadow, she said her name was sole. she said she was lost.
she said she was not whole.
we sat down to have a talk.
she told me she was killing somebody so out she had to walk.
she said when she left she never felt the same
she told me what the other half of her became.
(It’s like shes already dead she said.
No emotions.
No feelings inside.
No thoughts in her head.
She fights to not give up hope.
But shes falling down a slippy slope.
The harder she trys the worse it gets.
She tries to move on she trys to forget.
Shes cold inside.
Shes empty shes died.
A body without a sole.
A heart with a big hole.
She cried
“Fill it for me.
Please make me happy.
I dont want to feel empty.
Help me.
Help me.”
A selfless girl.
Whos sole is lost somewhere  within the world.
Nothing alive except the hope.
The baring is hard but she fights to still cope.)
the words peirced my chest.
For this soul i felt for.
a feeling I had not felt before.
Her soul I adore.
the other half she has lost, it is a body.
she is named
‘the soleless no-body’


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