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A poem of a girl who needs to learn.


couldnt control her anger last night look where it got her . face destroyed hands cut.
shes a beautiful daughter.
throwing herself to the floor breaking things. screaming loud and punchin doors.
yeah thats the life choose.
a smart young girl!
threw her life away,
got traped inside the thug world.
keep it up little girl keep it up.
one day you will be gone, all because of the things you done wrong.
u enjoy having a cut up face.
your a right discrace.
you lose your friends.
you became so unfriendly,
now your even your own worse enemy.
life thrown away. your going to be killed one day. you chose this life.
its time to walk away.


8 thoughts on “A poem of a girl who needs to learn.

  1. Potent and edgy… a twisted plea for help, a lyrical confession. Unfinished, it seems, although the prophecy is meant to conclude it.

    I hope she is saved. Even if only by herself.

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